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Mission, Vision, and Values

Beet City Bombers

Mission Statement

BCB is a non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting women’s empowerment, health, exercise, and strength through involvement in the sport of roller derby. BCB is committed to developing amateur athletes for competition, and promoting the physical and mental strength of female athletes while fostering and cultivating social camaraderie among members. BCB is a non-profit corporation.


As awareness of the sport of roller derby increases, we at BCB see ourselves as key players in expanding that awareness.  Starting first within Canyon County, and ultimately working throughout SW Idaho, we envision continually drawing to us women who see what we have to offer, both in sport and in personal power, so they may also enjoy what we have attained.  


BCB values fitness, support, grace, friendship, teamwork, competitiveness, unity, respect, consideration, and goal-setting.  These core values are what make us #beetstrong!

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